Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Year 2 Audi numbers

Year 2 cost of ownership numbers!

Total miles: 222640 (45,498 of them mine)
Year 1 miles: 20195
Year 2 miles: 25303

Total gallons of fuel: 2085 (that's ~40,000 lbs of CO2 if you were just thinking about that...)
Year 1 gallons: 930
Year 2 gallons: 1155

Average miles per gallon
Year 1 mpg: 21.7
Year 2 mpg: 22.0

Estimated fuel cost total: $6078
Est year 1 fuel cost: $3022
Actual year 2 fuel cost: $3056 (much cheaper gas this year! An extra 5k miles for 'free')

Insurance total: $866
Year 1: $380
Year 2: $486 (rates went up and I didn't notice?)

Maintenance total: $3172 ($315 on oil changes, $2858 on mechanical repair)
Year 1: $1227 (all sorts of random junk)
Year 2: $1176 (big timing belt and hose repair job and oil changes only)
(uhh that doesn't add up, I should check those numbers again)

Accident repair: $1695

Total everything cost of ownership: $16,593 (!)
Year total 1: $11,608 (includes$4200 purchase)
Year total 2: $4985

Hopefully there is a 3rd installment for this car. Also I predict a dramatically lower mileage for the next year as I now live only 4 miles from work. And tomorrow I'm supposed to ride my bike in!


  1. gah... just did a little more division
    25303/60mph is 361 hours, or nearly an hour _every_ day of the year, NOT including traffic!

    361 hours / 40 hour work weeks = 9 work weeks - just driving.

    Too much time in the car!

  2. Just think how molded that seat has become to your body... it's like a glove no?

  3. actually not that bad of a place to spend some time, listen to some tunes!