Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Craigslist and Medium Brown

Saturday afternoon I set off on an adventure in search of inexpensive Ikea furniture (in medium brown) to outfit my room a bit more. (Why yes, I am writing a post about buying used Ikea furniture... What?) I got a bit cocky about how much would fit in my car, and somehow thought that the dresser and table would fit in it no problem. The dresser took up a bit more room than anticipated, but luckily the friendly, drunk, starving artist types that I bought the table from already had it disassembled with the hardware neatly organized in a little plastic bin. Things fit just barely! (imagine full car with table hanging over the passenger's head rest, well into front seat.) After two furniture stops, I made another stop to pick up to pick up some concert tickets, where I'm pretty sure I saw Ron Jeremy leaving a restaurant, and then headed towards Santa Monica to hang out with Justin for awhile. We watched "Fast & Furious" it was not as bad as predicted.

Dresser that I'm happy with because it is in good shape, was half price used and I didn't have to put it together. More stuff that needs to be sorted and put away.

Too tall 'dressing table' with too low drawer, my chair is extended and could be a tad higher, maybe a chair with out arms in the answer? At least I didn't have to pay much for it. I like the way it looks and doesn't take up much space, but the heights aren't working out just yet.

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  1. Trim it down!! You can make it exactly what you want plus no guilt for cutting into it... you got it cheap and need it to be different right?