Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New road tires

Finally purchased new tires for my road bike. The old ones were starting to show threads and had worn down to have a very flat profile.

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Close enough to the 3 year mark for the bike to do the data dump.
The short version is I need to ride more!

First ride: 12/08/06
Total miles: 2586.2 (Jason points out that this is roughly the distance across the US)
Average speed: 14.2
Tubes: Less than 5? Not many flats! Two of them in the last month.
Miles in 06: 104
Miles in 07: 882
Miles in 08: 897
Miles in 09: 703 (with 2 months to go)
Total hours in the saddle: 182.2
Rides over 50 miles: 3. Pathetic. Looking back at my ride log, almost all of my rides are in the 18-25 range. (I got carried away... histogram below...)

The only maintenance has been lubing the chain and new grip tape! Totally trouble free!!

Click below to get a close up of the neurosis that is my bike log.
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Hey look a histogram that displays graphically how I usually don't ride more than 20 miles!
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