Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today, I decided, was a good day to plant tomatoes! Gardening! I first placed a call the the parents who have been growing tomatoes for something like 35 years. I got some good advice, and then headed off to the nursery to buy some plants. The first two nurseries I tried had very mature plants in tiny pots. The advice I got said to find plants that were under 4" tall. This being late on a Sunday, and late in the season for planting tomatoes it was difficult to find small plants. The nurseries probably would have had big trays full of young plants in April. I gave up on the mom-and-pop shops and headed to the big box store where I hoped the high volume would lend itself to younger plants. Limited success. The plants I did find were in bigger containers so the bigger plants were hopefully not too root bound. I ended up with the following silly named tomato varities:
Park's Whopper
Japanese Pink Tomato
(the 10 seconds I spent looking at that page led me to believe that these tomatoes are laced with MSG)
Bonnie Select
Early Girl

I learned about the difference between determinate/indeterminate and heirloom/hybrid plants here. I wasn't paying attention to the determinate/indeterminate and I ended up with 3 indeterminate and 2 determinate. The difference being that the determinant grow a 'crop' and then sort of fall off. Where indeterminate will keep cranking out tomatoes until the first frost.

Pictures can be clicked on to view in the picasa album at your own pace if you don't like the slide show.

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