Sunday, May 9, 2010

1949 Harley 45

I got to ride the old Harley this weekend! This bike was my uncle's way back when, and my Dad recently brought it back to road worthy status. Really interesting to ride with the foot operated clutch and 3 speed hand shifter!

(click to play short video clip)


  1. Sweet!

    I'm pretty sure I would've mixed up the controls and done the embarrassing lurch to a stop.

  2. Awesome. How was the ride?

    I let the clutch out too fast and killed the engine on my bike this morning in my driveway. I can't imagine trying to use a foot clutch.

  3. Fun, you ride slow as you think about the order of operations, and planning your stops well ahead of time. I bet after a few hours on it the clutch would start to be second nature.

  4. That would just be weird, sounds like fun though.