Sunday, March 7, 2010

Al logs on to Chat Roulette

Al is short for Albert Einstein, Al the turtle lacks the cognitive abilities of his name sake, but he is rather successful on the internet. Late Friday night I pointed the webcam at his tank and fired up chat roulette for a little while with AMUSING RESULTS.

Within 3 connections this gentleman was thoroughly amused to be talking with a turtle.

After waiting for chatrt to respond for awhile (it seems to be having some issues with the traffic) and then clicking through some unsavory characters. Al was connected with this guy who was sitting on his couch stroking his beard looking like someone who was wanting to look like an intellectual. He actually got up off the couch to come to the keyboard and chat.

Al makes people smile.

This was pretty late night so Al started getting connected with people in Asia and Europe, not sure where this guy was but others were in the UK and France. People were willing to chat for a surprisingly long time.

This guy had the feed looped back around to just display whatever people had on their webcam back at them and then he would apply effects humorously... The fireball effect was clever I thought.

This guy is enjoying chat roulette before it becomes too popular to be cool anymore

This guy is a sociology and economics instructor in France


This is still most of what Al saw, some dude, would pop up for about a second and half, and then hit next. It was really remarkable how much the turtle breaks the ice though. People without cameras would ask about Al, others would look for a handful of seconds and give a thumbs up and then move on. But if you actually want to connect with strangers on the internet it appears that you need to be a hot chick, or be a pet turtle.

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  1. Ha! Well done, sir.

    I wonder if Vint Cerf knows how his Internet is being used? :)