Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rocky Peak Hike

On Sunday, a last minute group got together (Kevin, Lane, Jeff and Mary) and went for a hike in the Rocky Peak area of Simi Valley. On the way up we took a path less traveled roughly equivalent to the Hummingbird Trail. But with far more interesting rocks to scramble on, a coyote to spot, a stone circle of unknown utility, and a Mt. Lion skull! On the way back down we took the established trail and made much quicker time with little to report on. This was also the first trip that I used my new Camelbak pack, it worked great, held my snacks, plenty of water, and a couple of extra layers with ease. Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. Your panoye got smashed! At least on Chrome it gets slapped into a little box with scroll bars.

  2. looks fine on my computer with firefox. strange.

  3. Fine in Firefox but messed up in IE and Chrome. Weird.