Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Work list

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1. Heater hose out
2. Heater hose in
3. Bypass coolant hose
4. Main Radiator hose upper
5. Bypass coolant hose
6. This actually isn’t pointing at anything
7. Oil cooler hose
8. Oil cooler hose
9. Main Radiator hose lower
10. Bypass coolant hose
11. Coolant temperature sensor
12. Valve cover gasket
13. Valve cover gasket
14. Cam adjuster seal
15. Cam adjuster seal
16. Cam seal
17. Cam seal
18. Thermostat
19. Water pump
20. Idler pulley
21. Tensioner pulley
22. Timing belt tensioner
23. Serpentine belt
24. Timing belt
25. Suction pump check valve
26. Vacuum hoses
27. Serpentine belt tensioner
28. Where I met the rat
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  1. I can't decide whether to issue or deduct points for that picture. The engineer in me (desperately) wants to give you lots of points but the part of me that pretends to fit in with the rest of the 'normal' world wants to deduct points as a matter of principal because dude....that is SOOO nerdy.

    And yet still, I kinda love it.