Saturday, February 14, 2009

Adventures with butter

Tonight I discovered that butter becomes delicious when it is browned! I already knew this I suppose, but I had never tried it at home. I was attempting to recreate the Spaghetti Factory "Myztihra Cheese" spaghetti dish. I would call the attempt a success. The powdery grated myzithra that I was able to find at Ralphs wasn't quite as potent as the shredded variety that they use at the Spaghetti Factory. Also, I found this interesting quote.
From AdventureswithButter

and well - it's on the internet so it must be true. Another hot tip is that Trader Joe's reportedly carries the real deal cheese so I will have to look for it there. Also I think I need more practice, or need to filter the butter after browning.

Now, on to lessons learned. Today we learned that oil can get much hotter than water on the stove top. This was demonstrated by "an experiment" that I ran were the goal was supposed to be tasting the browned butter, but the result was leaving a mark on my tongue instead of flavor! I dipped a fork into the butter and then blew what I considered to be an appropriate amount to cool the fork before tasting the butter. This resulted in a sizzling sound. Luckily I didn't fully commit to the tasting otherwise my mouth actually might be sore instead of just lightly branded. It doesn't hurt - lesson learned the easy way as far as I am concerned!
From AdventureswithButter

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